Fondsnaam / FundnameISINDatum / DateValuta / CurrencyKoers / NAVYear-to-dateSinds start / Since start
Blackstone Diversified Multi-Strategy UCITS EURIE00BN8SY48613-02-2019EUR10,363,08%3,6%
EV Smaller Companies FundNL000068526131-01-2019EUR117,853,63%135,7%
Fresh Fixed Income FundNL001217141712-02-2019EUR25,980,64%3,92%
GAIA - Two Sigma Diversified - Class C acc.LU142903946113-02-2019EUR114,461,37%14,46%
H2O Adagio class I EURFR001092979431-12-2018EUR71.771,530%43,54%
H2O Allegro class I EURFR001100618831-01-2019EUR166.345,50-0,17%232,69%
Helium Fund - A share classLU091226154108-02-2019EUR1.624,750,75%62,47%
Helium Selection - A share classLU111277125508-02-2019EUR1.205,281,21%20,53%
Lyxor Newcits IRL plc - Lyxor/Sandler US Equity - I - EURIE00BD8GKT9112-02-2019EUR106,42-1,4%6,42%
Lyxor/Tiedemann Arbitrage Strategy Fund A EURIE00B9DCSJ0913-02-2019EUR108,580,26%8,58%
Man AHL Diversified Markets EU - Tranche DNL001094937611-02-2019EUR36,57-2,04%866,53%
Man AHL TargetRisk I H EURIE00BRJT7K5013-02-2019EUR117,375,42%17,37%
Man AHL Trend (EUR) Share Class ILU042838012411-02-2019EUR123,63-0,23%23,63%
Man GLG European Equity Alternative Class IN EURIE00B5429P4611-02-2019EUR114,59-0,83%14,59%
Mint Tower Arbitrage Fund I-Class EURNL001077695131-01-2019EUR157,12-0,46%25,7%
OVMK Value FundNL001122527131-01-2019EUR10,994,9%9,89%
Windmill Trend Evolution Fund EUR (*)NL001073072708-02-2019EUR128,750,32%28,75%
Windmill Trend Evolution Fund USD (*)NL001163522208-02-2019USD109,750,59%9,75%

Funds for qualified investors only (minimum investment > 100.000 EUR)

Fondsnaam / Fundname ISIN Datum / Date Valuta / Currency Koers / NAV Year-to-date Sinds start / Since start
Capital Four Invest European Loan and Bd Fd A Cap LU1121114414 31-01-2019 EUR 115,99 0,84% 15,99%
GLG Enhanced European L/S QIF class DN EUR IE00B90X6810 31-01-2019 EUR 110,85 0,24% 10,85%
Prestige Alternative Finance Fund EUR KYG722711101 31-12-2018 EUR 168,38 0% 68,38%
Prestige Commercial Finance Opp. Fund class A LU0960650439 31-12-2018 EUR 123,66 0% 23,66%
TCA Global Credit Fund USD - class A KYG8700A1067 31-12-2018 USD 2.443,96 0% 8,49%
TCA Global Credit Master Fund LP class B KYG8700A1307 31-12-2018 EUR 2.445,06 0% 144,51%
Windmill Connected Income Fund (*) NL0011779954 31-01-2019 USD 107,93 0,06% 7,93%

(*) This fund can use estimates. The final NAV can differ from the estimate